The Monti Pisani Olive’s Oil Road is a large area of Tuscany (Italy) located within the cities of Pisa and Lucca, more or less 40 minutes from Florence. The Road area surrounds 5 municipalities of the Pisa’s Province (Buti, Calci, San Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano, Vicopisano) and it’s characterized by a mountainous area named Monti Pisani and a wide plain extending to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Along the Road’s territory, tourists can enjoy many different opportunities: cultural, naturalistic and well-being related. Some examples: the classic “Bagni di Pisa” Spa, the Cerratelli Foundation with its 25.000 stage costumes, the Calci’s Charterhouse and its Museum of Natural History, medieval villages such as Buti and Vicopisano, some interesting churches and religious buildings, some beautiful 16th and 17th century houses and the Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli natural park.

And while the craftsmanship is well represented by the Vicopisano’s ceramics and by the chestnut handmade baskets produced in Buti, the typical tuscan cooking can be appreciated throughout the whole Road’s territory. We are talking about the typical extra virgin olive oil produced by local farms, about cold cuts made with Mucco Pisano (a local meat race), pine nuts produced in Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli natural park and the famous cake known as “Torta co’ Bischeri”.

A special note is obviously due to the olive oil. Olive trees are located in 7th century terracings, so the olive collection is hand made. Also: the particular soil and climate, the diversity of cultivated olives, the crushing systems and the cold extraction…all this factors determine the oil value, trademarked as “IGP Toscano – sottozona Monti Pisani”.